The BEAMER line with new design concept and many features

The BEAMER line is a completely new design of electron beam welder

Taking advantage of all the latest developments in the fields of electronic control systems, high voltage power supplies, vacuum technology, electron gun design and vision systems.

Reliability, serviceability, versatility, ease of use, and unequaled specifications are the result of initially developing and then operating the systems in a job-shop environment. This exposure and experience remains a permanent driver for new features and enhancements.

BEAMER 3xx, 3 kW 60 kV EBW

Standard vacuum chamber sizes 12″, 18″, and 24″ cube

BEAMER 312, 3 kW, 60kV

BEAMER 312, 3 kW, 60kV

Typically, 3kW system are being deployed for applications with beam penetration requirements of less than 0.5″.

BEAMER 5xx, 5kW 60 kV EBW

Standard vacuum chamber sizes 12″, 18″, 24″, 36″ and 48″ cube

BEAMER 512, 5kW, 60KV

BEAMER 512, 5kW, 60KV

The more powerful 5kW BEAMERS deliver adjustable weld penetrations of up to 3/4″ in steel. The modular design accepts custom chamber sizes.

BEAMER 10xx, 10kW, 60 kV EBW

Chamber size 70″ x 63″ x 63″.

BEAMER L Side View

BEAMER 1070, 10kW, 60kV

BEAMER 1070, 10kW, 60kV

The BEAMER L series is build on the same core with similar versatility than it’s smaller counterpart but designed¬† for greater volume and more power.

Contact us for additional power options and chamber sizes.

Refurbished Electron Beam Welders

A cost effective approach for a “like new” EB welder

Many of the older electron beam welders reach a point where they no longer meet regulations and are no longer serviceable. Fortunately, there are a number of main components that are literally timeless and can be reused such as the stainless steel vacuum chamber, electron gun housing and the machine frame. We take these machines completely apart, repaint the frame , refurbished the pumps and reassemble it.

Beamer 310R

Beamer 310R After Retrofit

Before Retrofit

Before Retrofit

The architecture of our new BEAMER line of Electron Beam Welders is so modular that it’s new electronic, electrical, pneumatic, and vacuum controls can easily be integrated – resulting in improved performance, greater reliability, ease of use and serviceability. Contact us to discuss your equipment or check for current inventory.