Electron Beam Welding

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Electron Beam Welding

Engineering expertise, industrial automation- and decades of electron beam technology experience result in the BEAMER electron beam welding platform.

EBES offers engineering services, new and refurbished electron beam welding machines, specialized tooling, multi-axis motion systems paired with integration-, repair-, maintenance- and calibration services.

The core of the BEAMER platform has been designed to seamlessly adapt to older models of EBW machines. This allows for retrofits, which can be a very cost effective approach for a “like new” electron beam welding system. Quality, service and support have always been top priorities at EBES, we strive to continuously improve, to be a reliable and competent engineering source and a partner for electron beam and laser welding applications.

The BEAMER series of electron beam welders launched in 1995. It incorporates 40 years of EBW experience and job shop inspired features for flexibility and ease of use. The modular architecture of the BEAMER addresses the various customer requirements.

It can be customized with a wide range of chamber sizes, power requirements, energy saving features, rapid cycling, etc. The BEAMER platform has ultra-stable switched-mode power supplies, reliability, high performance and throughput.

At EBES, we value our customers and their technical needs. At the core, our desire and effort is to provide services and deliver products that meet or exceed customer’s expectations.