BEAMER Features

Work Manipulation

BEAMER Open Chamber

BEAMER Open Chamber

Adjustable rotary drive for making circular welds in the horizontal or vertical axis. Driven by precision micro-stepping motors to weld from small to large components.

Electron Gun

  • Designed for performance, long life, and accessibility for servicing
  • Isolated gun, featuring a turbo-molecular pump
  • Protected optical viewing system (5kW,10kW) to reduce downtime associated with changing cover glasses
  • Beam misalignment detection
  • High definition viewing using an optical telescope or machine vision

Work Chamber

  • Full front opening door with large window for watching the weld
  • Ports for extension tubes and electrical entries
  • Adjustable gun to take full advantage of the chamber width

Vacuum System

Two separate vacuum systems for improved performance and reduced cycle times


  • Optimized for usability, a combination of digital, analog, and touch screen controls. Accommodates weld development and production runs alike. Weld parameters are stored as part of a weld program
  • Touch-screen based diagnostics and mimic diagram facilitate trouble shooting
  • Remote access for weld- and technical support
  • Automatic data capturing. Multiple reports available for weld analysis, traceability, etc.