The BEAMER EB welder is based on a modular architecture with a Windows based user interface, which allows for options. For example, standard BEAMER software add on packages range from remote interface over QA to automation options. Contact us for custom options if you do not see the option or feature you are looking for.

Remote Interface Machine Control

Reduce the number of services visits and weld development by having an EBES specialist “on the line” for assistance.

Remote Access allows the EBES service engineer and the EBW specialist to swiftly access the BEAMER series of EB welding machines via the internet.  Remote access for diagnostic, troubleshooting and weld support can save valuable time, reduce service visits and shorten weld development by having an EBES specialists “on the line” for assistance.


The BEAMER collects process data via a background task. You may collect all data or configure the BEAMER to focus on data during a specific process sequence. The standard pre-processor converts the data for import via Excel, MS Access, etc. . The EBES report engine generates powerful summary and detail reports in PDF format.

Weld Procedure Specification (WPS)

Sample WPSSample WPS

The BEAMER Weld Procedure Specification app prepopulates a fillable PDF document directly from a BEAMER job file. Customize our weld procedure specification template, ask for a custom template or digitize your own document to quickly and accurately add actual weld parameters. Drop down lists facilitate data entry  and guarantee consistency. Consolidate multiple weld job files into a single part specification document. In addition, effortlessly add images of a tooling set-up, part section, etc. to consolidate all weld instructions in a single document.


The BEAMER script groups individual commands into a simple text file that the scripting engine interprets with a push of a button. The weld operator no longer has to focus on specific sequences and settings, especially when making multiple passes during a pump cycle. Pump – Weld -Vent is now condensed to a single command.
A BEAMER script is easy to create, completely customizable and allows for meaningful and prompts in any language (if applicable).